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Welcome to the Waffle's Wiki. This site is a repository of the public documentation for my released projects. Here you will find documentation on any APIs or tools I release publicly, both for my fellow developers as well as users looking for troubleshooting help.

If you have found your way here, chances are you are looking for information on a specific project. Below is a listing of the available documentation so far. You may also use the sidebar on this page to quickly find where you want to go.

VRChat Twitch Integration (VTI)

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VRChat Twitch Integration (For Worlds!), or VTI for short, is a tool that enables interactions from Twitch viewers to have a tangible effect on VRChat Worlds. This tool has two major components: the VTI World Kit, and the VTI Companion App, which work in conjunction with the VRChat client to trigger in-world events without requiring modifications to the client.